google analytics

  • ženterprise-class web analytics solution
  • žgives you rich selfwareness into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness
  • žhelp to show that the site could be trusted
  • žshow that the site is actually useful to the people
  • žProvides better advertisement which can help promote the company as well


žthe recognition of world’s geographic position of one be it a building, human, handphones or even an computer workstation that is connected with the internet
žmay also refer to the practicing of getting information of the location or enter the place

microblogging ??

a broadcast medium in the form of blogging. microblog is different from a blog, content are much smaller. It allows users to share words,pictures and links with others be it directly or just as per normal. What’s more, it is also updated up to date. one of the most common or popular microblog that are used by the people will be Twitter,Tumblr.

  • žmixture of blogging and instant messaging
  • žallows one to post a short message
  • a rapid method to engage with the people, be it friends, family or your fans.


  • Mobile Employment
  • Organize contests
  • Barcodes scanning
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – activities
and i will be doing all these (Lydia)
  • Micro blogging
  • Using famous bloggers/nuffnang?
  • Google analytics
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – needs & clients
  • Prototype micro blogging


Jing Yuan
  • Social Networking
  • Consolidate PowerPoint
  • You tube
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – partnership
  • Prototype of Facebook
  • Kinds of blogs – Security for blog
  • Edit website
  • Long-term maintenance
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – current status
  • Prototype of website

elearninggggg ftw

1) Reflect on 5 key points each Speaker had mentioned during his presentation.

  • first speaker was someone who talk about marketing
  1. marketing strategy
  2. blogoprenuer
  3. importance of the key words
  4. client expectations
  5. be firm, state your rules out
  • second speaker was someone who talk about webdesign
  1. not to be stingy, you will gain in a long run
  2. web design
  3. xia xue

2) List at least 3 things that has inspired you from this lecture.
the things that inspired me from this lecture would be

  • to study harder
  • to choose something that i really like
  • spend and manage your time
  • perserve and endure, in time you will gain from it
  • save money,work hard and maybe have my own company in time ?
  • be as successful as them

3) Do you think its useful to have guest speakers share their expertise, experience and “Tips & Tricks” of the trade? (Explain)

  • yes, it is important,they show us how the outside world is instead of us just doing projects and projects without having to know how competitive the world is
  • it actually motivate us even further
  • and what we do now is just peanuts, there’s lots more to do, and a long way to go

Empress Place by the river

before the holidays, my group and me just finish the diorama and the report. it was sure crazy, as most of the assignments have to be submitted that week and we hardly have time for ourselves, we rush our work out. but we are sure satisfied with our final product.

uswithourdiorama 😀

holidays aint any holidays, thinking of the heavy workload that i got, make me go D: i so want to do my nails soon and i just bathe nicky(my cute little dog).

A trip down to the empress place building by the singapore, it’s a heritage building which is now converted to a museum, Asian Civilisation Museum. Having a need to head to the museum for projects& this blog entry, actually make me fall in love with museum visits, I used to find it boring. But now I’m having a different feeling & experience c: and my thinking towards museum visits change !!! Nowadays technology is getting more & more advanced which make the exhibits more interesting, make learning fun.

My favourite 2 ACM exhibits will be the Congo River (arts of central africa) & the China Gallery. But personally i prefer Congo River more to any other exhibits i went or visited so far. I find Congo River exhibit very interesting, the way the content is presented is sure very creative, it does make learning fun & interesting, enhancing users interaction & making the experience great. Congo River has a stamping station too which allows one to play around with it, stamping whatever you like on the paper photo frames provided & you are able to bring back home. Personally, I find the stamping station good as it reaches out to all age groups be it the elders or youngsters. There’s even an activity book for you to draw & write down. The most interesting part of the exhibition is the interactive table whereby there’s a few wooden masks provided for you to actually place at a certain place, and story telling begins. If two masks are put beside each other, they are able to interact with each other, this actually make learning much more interesting. It can be time consuming but it sure does leave an impact on one. This interactive table can be further improved as it is unable to cater to a  big group as the space &  wooden masks are limited, there are only three slots.

The next rated gallery will be China gallery. It doesn’t have the technology that is as advanced as what Congo River exhibit offers. But it isn’t that bad too, I had fun & trouble at the same time trying to solve the block puzzles whereby is three sides, one side is a chinese character, then the other two sides is a small story telling. I think some improvements is needed to be made to the puzzle, as it is quite confusing. Too much stuffs on it I guess hence there’s difficulties differentiating which side belongs to which story.

As to improve the way the current content is being presented to the public, we can make use of new media tools as the world’s technology is getting more and more advanced and everyone is making full use of the technology.The ACM can also deliver information through Virtual World. Wondering what is virtual world ? It is a online computer-based, simulated environment. You may create an avatar to represent yourself and then interact with other avatars to connect, collaborate, and socialize whereby you able to create community, share information, and know more about the museum. Some will require you to download software, these are some common virtual world examples Second Life(which my school is actually using as a counseling platform), Club Penguin , Habbo and Whyville.

We can also promote through Social Networking Sites, which are online communities which allows you to be connected, or provide all kind of informations to any users be it clients, colleagues, family, and friends.On top of it,it also allow you to upload videos, photos, create events, join groups, like pages and send messages.instead of clicking the link at ACM’s website to post on one’s profile. ACM can actually try promoting on the site, like updating current exhibitions as advertisement or actually creating a group or a page, it is much more practical.

Beside Facebook, there is also Twitter, it is micro-blogging allows you to share information, ask questions, and connect with people around common interests through short messages, or tweets, that are short and sweet, limited to 140 characters using the computer or mobile. ACM can use it to promote and tweet about the museum happenings, events be it current ones or upcoming.

The last thing i find it is good will be Photo Sharing Sites, nowadays most of the people are very independent on visual, instead of having words or texts to elaborate on the museum, pictures shall do the talking. It allows one to upload, store, organize, and share photos. To view and/or to upload one’s digital photos to the site, you will probably need a camera, computer, or a mobile phone with an Internet connection.Some common sites will be Flickr,  Photobucket, Picasa and Smug Mug.Beside these, back to Social Networking Sites,they actually share nearly the same function. Users can connect with each other, send messages, leave comments, and share photos.

The Digital Newspaper

Over the years, the nature of new media business has changed radically. Innovations as the invention and expansion of high technology phones of different operating systems, camera phones, 24-hours cable news coverage, internet applications, Windows applications (tablet PC),Android applications (HTC, Samsung Galaxy S & Galaxy Tab), Research In Motion(Blackberry) applications,iPhone Operating System (Apple; iPhone, iPad, ) applications add to the ever-expanding field of information contributing to news reporting. Nowadays technology have become more and more advanced, everything is becoming digital for mobility sake, whereby things can be just done within a click. And the digital newspaper is one good example. Digital newspaper is a digital version of a printed newspaper, which can be digitally published online or as a digital copy on a digital device such as iPad shown from the given article, mobile phone and etc..

I choose this article because nowadays everyone is relying on technology, and technology have improved so much. And I am one of those who rely on the technology quite a lot. I read mobile newspaper be it on my laptop or on my mobile phone most of the times. I think mobile newspaper is good to a certain extent, it doesn’t dirty my hands and on top of it, it’s at ease of use as there wont be any unwanted advertisements in sight or over the papers, besides that, I’m able to save the world. And without spending money buying different kind of newspaper, you are able to read it online be it the local news or global news, therefore having digital newspapers can widen one’s horizon.

Digital newspapers are always updated up to seconds be it the day, night or outside normal business hours. You are still able to demand access to the information any time of the day, as when you like. Having them, you will never need to worry if the newspaper went out of stock. There are different kinds of news be it on Sports, Entertainment, Interest, Stocks, General ones, Business, Weather, Financial, Local ones, Global ones and many more.

My three key findings from this article would be customizable contents, dedicated apps and lastly the iPad platform.

Customizable contents

There is too much information that can be found on the net, some information are not useful and wanted. Customizable contents tools are created for our convenience.

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds is one example of customizable content, it is able to receive notifications automatically when there are updates to the websites which one subscribed to or follow, they are able to customize or choose the specific type of contents they would like to be informed or alerted about. This makes it so much easier as one does not need to manually check or search on each site they are interested in each and every seconds, or staying at the devices logged in clicking refresh. RSS feeds take all these hassles away. On top of that, it actually updates one fairly and quickly to all kind of news in the community be it the latest news, blog updates, world happenings and many more. Moreover, it actually exceed geographical limits as the news are able to spread beyond one country or continent which actually widen the reader’s horizon as they know world’s happening. However not everything can be found or search in the RSS feeds like the news sites which require paid access to the full articles, audio or videos. The feed are more of tracking how well the subscription’s message is spreading and how it is being received.

Besides RSS feeds, there is something similar which is call Tumblr. It’s a blogging platform whereby you can post things up,and follow other people as well, this is more of the entertaining and personal sites which isn’t private at all.

Currently there is a relatively new Internet phenomenon call Twitter which is also known as microblogging. The use is spreading very quickly especially among the younger generation. Twitter users can be either individuals for own personal use or organizations like Channel News Asia , The Straits Times, sgBEAT, JUICESG, TODAY and many more. An account must be created before using. Besides following people, one can also provide instant updates on own daily activities or breaking of news or prosaic details or happenings. On top of that, one can actually private their tweets, they can choose to accept one’s request. Followers or subscribers can view the tweets and even see current happenings in an organization briefly. Twitter is a unique social networking sites among the rest as it only limits tweets to only 140 characters so that it will be sweet and short, straight to the point and still being able to pass the message about.

Similarly to Twitter, Nixle has nearly the same features just that it will be through communication networks. Nixle would be much reliable to a certain extent as public safety alerts is sent directly from your trusted police department or local agencies by text message at no cost. It’s also actually send geo-targeted alerts and advisories, on top of that you are also able to enjoy special offers and promotions viewing from their phone using their secure and reliable communication service.


Dedicated apps

There are so many different applications dedicated to all kinds of operating system like RIM, Android and iOS. On top of that, it is also narrowed down to different categories and news is one of the categories.


For RIM operating system, there is about 656 news applications which are further narrow down into 624 news and information applications and 32 magazine applications.

7DAYS is rated 5 stars, it provides independent National, Regional and Global News and Sports to readers in the United Arab Emirates.


Besides news, they also provide financial information and Bloomberg Mobile application also provides tools to help you analyze the world’s market. It offers news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders/laggers, price charts, market trends analysis, customized list of stocks, podcasts and more, and is applicable to all phone models.

One click access to News, Weather, Entertainment, Live Sports Score and Schedules, Markets, Stock Portfolios, Flight Schedules and Status, Movies, Shopping, Twitter and more delivered quickly, efficiently and intuitively in a format specially designed bringing you Viigo for BlackBerry

Not forgetting Singapore users, out of the 656 applications that blackberry offers for news, Singapore news applications are very limited, there’s only about two, iTODAY and ChNewsAsia. And the applications is not supported by all phone models. iToday is the mobile or digital version of TODAY newspaper, it is most widely read. This application is launched in November 2000, and now it has a readership of 698,000 readers. The newspaper has established a reputation for sharply angled news reports and thought-provoking analyses and commentaries, living up to its slogan “We set you thinking”. This allows blackberry users to read TODAY’s news features and commentaries on the go, anytime, anywhere. On top of that, there will be regular updates throughout the day allowing on to be in touch with the lastes news and happenings at home and around the globe. It has a readily learned or understood and easy to use interface, the features are interactive as well being able to bookmark or email the article. Headlines are neatly catergorised s, being able to view the lastest picture at the photo gallery, there are also cinema and TV listings and highlights, weather updates. And you are able to customize settings.

With ChNewsAsia, you are able to get the lastest Singapore, Asia World, Business and Sport news updates as well as a quick, visual news summary through the Photo Gallery.

There are about 3179 News & Weather applications for Android. Android do offer BloomBerg application as well. Android offers a wide range of applications regarding news. I was attracted by the layout TIME Mobile has, one is able to get the latest news, read opinion and analysis from TIME influential bloggers, and even browse through award winning photography and popular lists. Stay on top of the latest technology news and trends with CNET News app, it delivers award-winning coverage of the consumer technology world where by everyone is evolving about, on top of that you’re also able to get tech news from your favourites CNET editors and know what’s hot and what’s not ! News ? Get in-depth insight and analysis into the most significant issues of the day with Newsweek Mobile’s opinion-leading stories from most influential names in journalism, I think this application stands out quite a lot as for those who are passionate about news, can also learn and pick something from the articles. Another application one should download would be Express News Premium, Express News offers the best news on the mobile web with the hassle of opening different browser or applications. On top of it, you will be having instant access to 300++ news channels. The premium version is chargeable, good stuffs come with a price isn’t it unless you don’t mind the advertisements?

iPhone applications would be similar to iPad applications, both offer the same as they are using the same platform. The applications mention in the given articles are one of the best applications. But for local, iOS only offers some pretty good Singapore news applications which is more applicable for Singapore user, TheStraitTimes, (a Chinese news application), Channel News Asia, iTODAY.

Ipad platform

The iPad is a thin and light, 9.7-inch touchscreen device good for Web browsing, video, games and electronic books, bringing even more convenience to users compare to net book. Apple Inc using a PC (personal computer) iPad tablet with iPhone operating system OS (iOS). iPad has been proved highly in demand, even competing software developers to build applications for the iPad. Appcelerator revealed, iOS is not the only operating system on the tablet PC market. Because, currently widely circulated also tablets are on Android operating system, created from Google Inc, and also not forgetting RIM operating system.

The software developer did not wait or bother to explore or find new potentials of the tablets. However, the market will only colored tablet application duel between iOS application with Android application because the interest of developers of other operating systems is still very low.
Separately, research firm Ovum rate, a favorite iOS software developers because iOS is not only used on the iPad, but it is also use for all the existing Apple devices,the iPhone and iPod touch. As a result, the market iOS application becomes even greater, because the user population is also very large iOS.

It also remains a favorite iOS software developers. Because, as much as 81 percent of software developers are building applications for the software iOS itself or any iOS application that do not have any immediate plans to make it .

Research firm iSuppli Corp. has also estimates that Apple will continue to dominate the global market until 2012 tablet computer. Applying the same trend that iPhone first came in 2007, Apple’s competitors in the global smartphone market takes two years to release a smartphone that is really comparable to the iPhone.

Hence assuming that the same event will repeat itself in the global market a tablet computer “iPad”. Apple’s competitors will take at least two years to release a tablet that is able to present the equivalent computing experience iPad.
Because competitors multiply, iSuppli believes Apple in global market share of tablet computers will indeed be weakened. However, iSuppli said the weakening of the market share was too small to be able to shake the dominance of Apple in global market tablet computer.

Research firm Strategy Analytics Inc., added, Apple’s competitors will still have opportunities in the global market iPad tablet computer because it is only appealing to consumers who already use other products from Apple, such as iPod, iPhone, and Macintosh. As all of Apple products are using the same platform iOS, therefore interface is the exactly the same so as to allow one to be familiarized with it. They will feel much comfortable with it, what’s more iOS is user friendly.

Modern technology offers both new abilities and new challenges. The radical change of digital has both hurt and helped the field of journalism, some would benefit from it or the worst scenario is one will lose his or her job. And it has completely affected how the information is spread around. Digital newspaper can make reading much more interesting with their colorful pictures as it’s interactive and it’s so convenient. Nowadays people are depending too much on the technology, what if one day it fail on us, all of us will suffer. What’s more digital newspaper is much more environment friendly, can save a lot of trees. Since this article is mainly talking about iPad. I think that iPad is really in need of flash, it should be supported by flash.

weeek2Lab TagCloud

new media keywords

user generated content|tag cloud|tagging|wiki|web 2.0|widgets|blogroll|avatar|crowd sourcing|socialnetworking|Facebook|friendster|foursquare|linkedin|microblogging|twitter|viral marketing|oovoo|internet browsers|interactivity|rapid|digitalization|mozilla|safari|communication|visual|graphic|satellite television|second life|world of warcraft|the sims online|radio|advertising|marketing|public relations|broadcasting|spoken words|interpersonal|written|printed|audio|moving images|key inventors|history|emerging technology|source|intended recipient|mass media|Skype|msn messenger|yahoo messenger|thunderbird|tweetdeck|google chrome|hi5|technological convergence|blogger|tumblr|digital single lens reflex (DSLR)|webcam|iPhone|andriod|windows|mac|web sms|wordpress|Bada|digital camera|laptop|diner dash|hotel dash|cd player|vcd player|blue ray|iPad|iPhone|applications|eBook|online magazines|RSS Feeds|gMarket|eBay|zipia|4shared|keepvid|digital pictures|digital albums|computer|student portal|amazon|hardwarezone|jobstreet|

1. Students are required to research and create a colored visual depiction (eg. A tag cloud) with keywords/ terms related to New Media

a.what is visual depiction ?

-A pictorial, a scrulpture,photo,symbol reprensentation

b.what is a tag cloud?

-User generated text (keywords)

  1. what is it for ? quick links
  2. where do you normally find it ? on websites
  3. how it it created ?  flash/ actionscript/javascript

30-50 keywords about New Media Term

data mining ?

-process of extracting patterns from data

real time visualisation?

check them out:


Candid,flexible,friendly,realistic,interested.enthusiastic,straightforward I would say about myself,at times I can be very indecisive which is so bad,I can take a long time just to decide on something,be  it on what to eat, what to wear,what to do when I’m out, I am so troublesome.I dislike irresponsibilities alot so at times I do nag a lot. I have very short term memory D: I will end up repeating stuffs over and over again.I like photography alot, if possible in future I would like to take pictures of happy moments of people,events like wedding,do freelancing.I always wanted to be air stewardess, it has been my ambition since young,considering to try out after I’m done pursuing my diploma.for me,schoool is reallly very tiring and pack.but i still like the things I learning in school c: except some -.-  and I got a clique named “zaikias” in school who will always be there for me through up and down and a pretty fun loving class,hence school is quite enjoyable. ^^ c;  I love the sun and I hate rainy weathers especially when i intend to go out.Rainy weather do spoil my mood. I love shopping,chilling out,watching movie,sports,dance,music (can’t live without it)and eating a lot (always having many cravings). When I grow up, I would like to drive. My favourite car brands would be VolksWagen, BMW, Audi, Lexus for now. I like big cars c: